Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Stormtrooper Car

Just completed Stormtrooperfying my car with some Vinyl decal material. Created the design myself to emulate a Stormtrooper helmet. Took me about a week to cut it, and a few hours to apply. I have wanted to do this since I got this car two years ago, and I finally decided to go for it. I tried to use all the major elements of the helmet and make them fit the shape of the car.

I have been a member (TK-6744) of the 501st Legion / Empire City Garrison for just over two years. Around the same time I joined, I bought the white Dodge Stratus, and I have wanted to Stormtrooperfy it since I bought it. I looked into custom painting it, getting it skinned, but all the options I looked into cost more then the actual car. After getting some vinyl 501st stickers for the back, I started thinking about using that sort of material to do it. I bought some vinyl self stick sheets, used for detailing cars, a product called RapidTac, and a squeegee. I designed and cut some shapes myself to resemble the decals on a Stormtrooper helmet to fit my car. I used a wet application using the Rapidtac, which lets you easily position the decals, and eliminate bubbles and creased using a squeegee. The materials and tools only cost around $50, and with some precision measuring, cutting, and applying, I now have the Stormtrooperfyed car I had wanted.

Here are some before and after shots of my new Stormtrooper Car, any comments or feedback would be appreciated.



  1. stumbled across your pics when I was looking for formats of the tk bucket decals. Your car looks great. I just got a white 4 door jeep and before i even bought the jeep i thought about doing this as well. i'm from tampa bay squad in florida garrison.

  2. I almost crashed my Optimum van because i was trying to take a snapshot of your car while driving. Great work man.