Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sci-Fi Science Taping and Dr. Michio Kaku Award Presentation

The Empire City Garrison attended another taping of the Science Channel Series, Sci-Fi Science : Physics of the Impossible with Michio Kaku on July 16th, 2010. This was for the 9th and 10th episodes of Season 2, and featured "How to Build a Cyborg" and "How to Defeat a Robot Army". The 501st Legion / Empire City Garrison Presented Dr. Michio Kaku his Honorary Friend Award. Chris Feehan (TK-6744) - ECG Long Island Event Coordinator and Charity Representative made the presentation, and he has attended every taping so far for the second season. The 501st wanted to recognize Dr. Kaku for his work, exploring how Sci-Fi concepts like Light Sabers, the Death Star, and X-Wing fighters may someday be possible. There was a large turn out with around 50 Sci-Fi fans, with a few in costume. They had us stand outside the building and then tape the show and do the Q&A from about 2-6PM. The Second Season is expected to start airing in November or December of this year. There will be one more taping this year on August 6th. Here are some photos of the presentation and a link to the YouTube video as well.

YouTube Video:

Photos (More to Come):

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